Friday, 6 May 2016

New Boy Group NCT attend Top Chinese Music Awards With EXO, KANGTA, and LeeSooman

        NCT Attend Top Chinese Music awards with EXO, KANGTA, and LeeSooman in Saturday 9 April 2016. NCT sang their debut song 7th Sense and Without You (Chinese Ver.) in Top Chinese Music Awards Stage. They got a lot of support from their fans and from sunbaenim (brother). NCT also comes with their new Chinese member Kun and Winwin. Kun sang Without You (Chinese Ver) with Doyoung,Taeil, and Jaehyun. Winwin participated performance 7th sense with his awesome Traditional Chinese Dance.

Video 1 (NCT U Red Carpet)

Video 2 (NCT U 7th Sense + Without you(Chn) 

Download :
Video 1        Youtube 480p size: 23.7MB 

Video 2.      Youtube HD 720p size: 125.7 MB
                     Youtube 480p size: 63.1 MB

source: Youtube 
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