Friday, 6 May 2016

NCT Debut on V live MC Heecul Super Junior

      NCT On Air Show is NCT Debut on V Live TV in Saturday 9 April 2016 with MC Kim Heecul Super Junior. All member NCT Mark,Taeyong,Taeil,Jaehyun,Ten, and Doyoung participated in that reality show. NCT On Air Day 1 is talking about Jaehyun self introduction, Jaehyun habbit, Tall, and other. That reality show is show how close all member NCT with each others. NCT On Air Day 2 is talking about Taeyong self introduction, many aegyo Taeyong showed there. Taeyong white hair and cuttie picture is able in NCT On Air Day 2.

source : Naver V Live
shared and compiled by Kim Nevinson, NCTWORLD.BLOGSPOT.COM
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