Thursday, 5 May 2016

SM Entertaiment formed new boy group with great concept

     WOW.. S.M. Entertaiment formed new boy group named NCT with first sub unit NCT U in April 8th before. NCT U genres is K-pop, Hip Hop, EDM (Elecronic Dance Music), R&B, and Rock
Their member is Taeil,Taeyong,Doyoung,Ten,Jaehyun,and Mark. The band was the first in company's history to not  have a fixed number of members, and being made up of multiple subunit groups based in various cities worldwide, with music specialized for those regions, with the first in 2016 in seoul and scheduled for Tokyo, and the rest expected to debut in china.

On April 4, 2016, S.M. Entertainment revealed two teaser pictures for members Jaehyun and Mark, and announced that they would be debuting NCT U, the first unit of NCT, with two digital singles. The first single, "The 7th Sense", was released on April 6 and the second single, "Without You" was released on April 9 in two versions (with the Korean version recorded by Taeil, Doyoung, and Jaehyun, and the Chinese version featuring SMRookies member Kun.)
On April 9, 2016, they made their first broadcast debut, with a show called On Air NCT Show-Day 1, on South Korea's Naver V-app, with company colleague Super Junior's Kim Heechul as the MC. Also on April 9, 2016 they debuted their first live performance in China at "The 16th Music Feng Yun Bang Awards" which also included Chinese members, Kun and Winwin. The group made their official debut stage in Korea at KBS Music Bank on April 15. On April 19, they performed their two songs on SBS MTV's The Show competing against seasoned groups like CNBLUE and VIXX, among others.


Wow.. SM Entertaiment membentuk grup boyband baru bernama NCT dengan unit pertama NCT U pada  tanggal 8 april kemarin. Aliran music NCT U bergenre K-pop, Hip Hop, EDM, R&B, dan Rock. Mereka terdiri dari Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun, dan Mark. boyband ini merupakan yang pertama di sejarah SM Ent. tidak memiliki jumlah member yang pasti dan terdiri dari banyak subunit yang berkuasa di wilayahnya sendiri di berbagai wilayah di dunia, dengan music yang khas dari wilayahny itu, yang pertama berada di seoul, lalu di Tokyo dan diduga akan debut di China.

Pada 4 april  kemarin SM Ent. mengeluarkan dua gambar teaser Jaehyun dan Mark dan mereka di umumkan bahwa akan debut unit pertama NCT U, dengan dua single. Single pertama adalah 7th Sense yang rilis 6 April dan yang kedua Without You yang rilis 9 april dengan dua versi yaitu korea dan china. pada tanggal 9 April mereka membuat broadcast debut pertamanya bernama On Air NCT Show Day 1 di Never V-app Korea. dengan rekan kerja Kim Heecul Super Junior sebagai MC.
pada 9 April juga mereka debut performance pertamanya di 16th Music Feng Yung Bang Awards. yang juga dihadiri member China Kun dan Winwin. NCT membuat debut stagenya di KBS Music Bank 15 april. 19 April mereka tampil di SBS MTV's The Show bersaing dengan grup seperti CNBLUE dan VIXX dan yang lain.

cr: Wikipedia

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