Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Taeyong is NCT questionnaire Member

Taeyong is NCT questionnaire Member
"Among the Member NCT, most are members xxx xxxx"
1. Member of the most Manly is Yuta
"He does not care about personal problems, it's probably because he is an adult? Man among men, Yuta!"
2. Children most pampered / Manja is Jaehyun and Haechan
"They both behave like babies, both suitable to act as a maknae"
3. Members who eat well is me
"This time my appetite was great .. I think I have the best appetite among other members"
4. Dandy Boy is Ten
"He's a lot of attention, he is like fashion"
5. Member the most timid is me
"I watch a lot of horror movies, now I feel more frightened than ever before and the other members of my mock"
6. Members who care about the other members are Taeil and Doyoung
"Each one of them as mothers and fathers who take care of us all"

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