NCT 127 - Hae chan 

Birth Name: Kim Dong Hyuck

Stage Name: Hae Chan

Nickname: Dongsookie

Date of Birth: June, 6th 2000

Position: Visual and Vocalist

Height: 171 cm

Blood Type: AB

Nationality: Korean

Specialist: Dance

Zodiac Sign: Gemini


- Appeared on the Mickey Mouse Club TV Show alongside his fellow, young SM Rookies.
- Appeared on EXO 90:2014 alongside Jeno, Jisung,Mark, and Jaemin for the season's 9th Episode & also appeared on the 10th Episode, but only with Jisung and Jaemin.
– His hobbies are playing piano, listening to music, singing.
– His favorite subject in school is Music while the subjects he hates the most is Science.
– He dreams to become a singer-songwriter.
– Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts
– He’s the mood maker of the group.
– He does the most cleaning in the dorm.
– Sub-Unit: NCT 127, NCT Dream

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NCT 127 - MARK

Birth Name     : Lee Mark

Stage Name     : Mark

Date of Birth   : August, 2nd 1999

Position           : Main Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae (Youngest)

Height             : 176 cm

Blood Type     : A

Nationality     : Vancouver, Canada

Zodiac Sign    : Leo 

Specialist        : Rap, Guitar, Billingual in English and Korean.

Fact                : 

– He was born in Vancouver, Canada.
– He has an older brother.
– Education: Eonju Middle School; School of Performing Arts Seoul
– Specialty: Rap, Guitar
– Favorite foods: Bagels, Cookies and Cream flavoured Ice Cream, Chicken, Kimchi, Rice, Watermelon, Jajangmyeon, Cookies, Chips, Bread, Chocolate
– Favorite season: Fall
– Favorite color: Blue
– Favorite number: 2
– Favorite artists: Beyonce, Coldplay, Chris Brown, SHINee’s Minho, EXO’s Xiumin
– Favorite sports: Badminton, Ice skating
– He’s also part of NCT Dream and NCT 127
– Mark’s ideal type: Someone who has long black hair.
- He was cast trough SM Global Audition in  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
- Trained for 4 years. 
- He helped write lyrics for "The 7th Sense" along with Taeyong. 
- SM Rappers are know to be subpar compared to rapper's from other companies, but Mark surprised netizens and fans alike with his skills. 
- Roommates with Jaehyun. 
- He also dreamed of becoming an ice-cream man idol. 
- His older brother was the one who inspired him to pursue a career in music. 
- He dislikes seafoods

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Birth name        : Lee Tae Yong

Stage name       : Tae Yong

Nickname         : TY, Grandpa. 

Date od Birth   : July 1st, 1995

Position            : Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Face of the Group, Vocalist, Visual

Height              : 175 cm

Blood Type      : O

Nationality       : Korean

Speciality         : Rap

Zodiac Sign     : Cancer 

Facts                 : 

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul
– Hobbies: Rapping, Make Rhymes and Flows, Photography
– Strengths: Very confident, very nice, caring towards other members, looks cold on the outside but is actually a very kind person
– Weaknesses: Perfectionist, always nagging
– Favorite Foods: Melons, Strawberry Macaroons, Green Tea Ice Cream, Kalguksu. 
– Favorite Number: 8
– Favorite Color: Black
– Favorite Artist: Drake
– Habits: Biting finger nails, always washing hands, cleaning up after members
– Taeyong featured in Red Velvet’s ” Be natural ”
– Favorite Accessory: Snapback hat (he wears them a lot during dancing, so that his hear doesn’t bounce all over his face), headsets.
– Before joining SM Entertainment, Taeyong dreamt of being a firefighter.
- Cooking Monster because he loves to eat chocolatey sweets.
- He says that everything fells better when he has a tub of ice cream in his arms.
- Casted in 2012 (SM Casting System).
- He casted at school (Street Casting).
- Has a  dog called Ruby whom he has been raising since he was 14 years old.
- A big fan of Studio Ghibli, his favorite movies  being Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.
- Favorite music genre Hip Hop.
- Favorite sport is swimming. 
- Favorite Hobbies is Rapping.
- He likes making rhymes and flow.
- He also interested in Photography.
- He usualy turn off all lights when he practicing dancing.
- He has a mark next to his right eye caused by atopy.
- Shoe size is 265 mm. Taeyong helped write the lyrics to NCT's "The 7th Sense" along with Mark. - - He always buys his member foods.
– He has Mysophobia, which is the fear of contamination and germs. He says it isn’t serious though.
– Mark says that Taeyong is really good at cooking. He says that the meals he cooks is just as beautiful as the ones served in restaurants.
– His mood depends on the weather. He loves clear weather. He likes to take naps when it’s rainy outside
– When he was still in high school, he rode a bike to school everyday.
– When he was still in school, his favorite subject was art.
– He’s more confident in his eyes.
– He’s also part of NCT 127
– Taeyong’s ideal type: “Someone who can teach me, lead me, and make up for my flaws.”

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Birth Name       : Kim Dong Myung

Stage Name       : Do Young

Date of Birth     : February, 1st 1996

Position             : Main Vocalist

Height               : 180 cm

Blood Type       : B

Nationality       : Korean

Specialty          : Piano, Flute.

Fact                  :

 He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– He has an older brother (Gong Myung of 5urprise).
– Education: Topyeong High School
– Specialty: Flute
– Favorite Foods: Cream Cheese Bread, Watermelon, Popcorn, Mango flavored treats, White chocolate, Peach, Huo Guo (hot pot)
– Favorite Season: Spring
– Favorite Color: Blue
– Favorite Artist: Eric Benet
– Favorite Actor: Lee Na Young
– He starred in “Lipstick Prince” a Korean show that premiered on December 1, 2016 (alongside with other Kpop idols).
– He’s also part of NCT 127

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NCT 127 - YUTA

Birth name      : Yuta Nakamoto

Stage name      : Yuta

Nickname        : Guardian of Takoyaki, Osaka Prince, Takoyaki Prince, Yakisoba                              Prince

Date of Birth   : October, 26th 1995

Position            : Lead Rapper, Main Dancer and Vocalist 

Height              : 176 cm

Blood Type      : A

Nationality      : Japan

Specialist         : Soccer, Rap, Dance, Billingual in Korean, Act 

Zodiac Sign     : Scorpio


- Joined SM Entertaiment trough SM Global Audition 2012 in Osaka. 
- Once Audition in Japanese Singing Contest Called "Juice Winter Collection 2011". 
- Participated in the "Abnormal Summit" variety show MARK while still a rookie. 
- Love soccer from the ages 5 to 16. He's a multi talented artist who can sing, dance, and act. SM's  First Japanese Idol.
– Favorite Foods: Watermelon, Bento, Takoyaki, Tteokbokki, Crab meat fried rice, Green tea cake.
– Favorite Color: Yellow
– Favorite Animal: Dog
– Favorite Musician: One Ok Rock
– Favorite Actress: Lee Min Jeong
– Hobbies: Soccer, hanging out with friends
– He speaks Japanese and Korean.
– Education: Yashima Gakuen High School
– Yuta admires his dad more than anyone.
– Sub-Unit: NCT 127
– Yuta’s ideal type: A girl who has short hair, 15 cm shorter than him, has empathy towards people and does not “act pretty”

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NCT 127 - TAE IL

Birth name     : Moon Tae il

Stage Name    : Taeil

Nickname       : Taeyomi

Date of Birth  : June, 14th 1994

Position           : Main Vocalist

Height             : 172 cm

Blood Type     : O

Nationality     : Korean

Specialty         : Guitar and Piano

Fact : 

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
- Was casted after a music festival. 
- Graduated from Seo Seoul Life Science High School and his major was Applied Music.
- Nickname in school was Shin Taeil. 
- Learnt Hapkido when he was in elementary school was to be a prosecutor but when he was in high school he wanted to be a zookeeper. 
- He first stood on stage in junior high (10 th grade) at a singing competition.
– Favorite Foods: Pork Belly, Ice Cream, Pizza, Chicken, Meat
– Hobbies: Listening to music, Watching Movies
– Favorite Number: 1
– Favorite Season: Spring
– Favorite Color: Black
– Favorite Artists: SHINee, Kim Bum Soo.
– Favorite Songs: Bobby Kim – Mama
– He’s also part of NCT 127
– Taeil’s ideal type: Someone cute. He prefers short bob hair style.

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Birth Name        : Dong Si Cheng

Stage Name        : Winwin

Korean Name    : Dong Sa Sung 

Date of Birth      : October, 28th 1997

Position              : Lead Dancer and Sub Vocalist 

Height                : 180 cm. 

Blood Type        : B

Nationality        : Chinese

Specialist          : Traditional Chinese Dance

Zodiac Sign      : Scorpio


- Wants to be actor as his career progress.
- His roommates is Kun. He really loves EXO,
- His favourite foods is chinese hotpot, samgeyobsal, strawberry, mushrooms and chips.
- He likes white and black.
- Debuted with NCT 127 - Firetruck (2016).
- In Firetruck performance he fly up taeyong's back. 
- He attended at NCT Life in Seoul, In Paju, and Korean Food Challenge. 
– Favorite Actor: Kim Soo Hyun
– Favorite Actress: Shu Qi
– Favorite Artist: EXO, Jay Chou
– Hobbies: Piano, Watching Movies, Swimming
– Habits: Sleeping with his eyes opened
– He can play the guitar.
– He speaks Chinese and Korean.
– Education: The Central Academy Of Drama
– WinWin has two dogs; one is named Figure and the other is named Penny.
– Group: NCT 127
– WinWin’s ideal type: Someone who has long black hair.

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Birth name: Jung Yunoh

Birth Name  : Jung Yoon Oh

Stage Name  : Jae Hyun

Nickname     : Woojae/ Jae/ JungJae/ Casper. 

Date of Birth: February, 14th 1997

Position        : Main Vocalist

Height          : 182 cm

Blood Type  : A

Zodiac Sign : Aquarius 

Nationality  : Korean

Speciality    : Singing, Piano, Basketball

Fact             : 

– He was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Education: Seoul School of Performing Arts.
– Nickname: Casper, J, WooJae (short for uri jaehyun)
– Specialty: Rap, Piano, Basketball
– Favorite Foods: Meat, Spicy Pork, Peach, Green Tea Ice Cream
– Favorite Season: Spring
– Favorite Artist: IU
– Favorite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
– Favorite Color: White
– Favorite Sport: Basketball
– Hobbies: Playing the Piano, Playing Sports
– Strengths: Happy Virus, Cutie
– Weaknesses: Very sensitive at times
- Was cast into SM Entertaiment when he was in the 8th grade.
- Good at swimming, cooking spicy pork and basketball.
- Steal's other member foods sometimes.
- Roommate with Mark.
- Has dimples when he's smiles.
- The member says he can do aegyo really well.
- Wish he could teleport.
- Likes to dress up in the "Dandy" fashion style.
- Belives that aliens are real and that they are out there.
- Loves pokemon and his favorite pokemon is Charmander.
- He wants to sing a duet with IU one day.
– Jaehyun and Seventeen’s DK went to the same school. In a radio interview, DK said that back then he didn’t dare to speak to Jaehyun because he was too handsome.
– Jaehyun speaks fluent English because he lived in America for 4 years.
– He’s also part of NCT 127
– Jaehyun’s ideal type: Women with straight and long hair. Someone who can communicate well with him. Someone who is kind. Someone he can depend on. Someone healthy and into sports. Someone who is usually calm but can also be cute. He doesn’t care if that person is older or younger.

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Birth name     : Seo Yungho 

Stage name      : Johnny 

Nickname        : John

English Name : John Seo 

Date of birth   : February 9th, 1995

Position           : Rapper and Dancer

Height             : 184 cm

Blood type     : B

Nationality    : USA

specialty        : Piano

Zodiac sign   : Aquarius 

Fact                :

– He was born in Chicago, USA.
– Was accepted to SM Entertainment through the SM Global Audition in Chicago on September 2007.
– Johnny trained with EXO until they started preparing for debut.
– His nickname is Everybody’s oppa.
– Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul, Glennbrook North High School
– He speaks Korean and English.
– He can play the piano.
– Hobbies: Playing the piano, joking, making people happy
– Favorite Artists: Usher
– He is friends with Kai, Chanyeol, Suho, Sehun from EXO.
– Sub-Unit: NCT 127
– Johnny’s ideal type: He doesn’t have an ideal type.

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